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L'VOYAGE becomes Asia's first independent and exclusive pledged Wyvern broker

L'VOYAGE, a global private jet charter broker has become Wyvern's first independent and exclusive air charter broker based in Asia.

World-renowned Wyvern brokersare committed to having a safety program as part of their organization. They promote their commitment through the use of Wyvern data programs including The Wingman Report, Safety Intelligence Report (SIR) market intelligence, and by running PASS trip duediligence reports on every trip. Wyvern brokers generate real-time safety reports on the operator, aircraft, and crew of a particular flight.

"L'VOYAGE is thrilled to have met the Wyvern standard, a globally recognized seal of excellence." says Mr. Fan, Director of Charter Sales for L'VOYAGE. "At L'VOYAGE, safety is our first priority. We have an existing stringent set of standard operating procedures where we diligently screen our operators with our own methods. Through the acclaimed Wyvern safety measures that resonate hand in hand with our own systems, they further enhance and elevate those procedures to the utmost safety standards. For this, we are equally proud to announce that we are also the first independent and exclusive pledged charter broker to be globally recognized as such in Asia." Mr. Fan noted.

“Wyvern is honored to have L’VOYAGE commit to uphold the Wyvern Broker Pledge and the Wingman Standard for air charter operations,” said Michelle Dina, Key Accounts Manager of Wyvern Consulting, Ltd. “We are happy to see our program expanding into the Asian market. L’VOYAGE brings a personal touch to the industry and we are eager to work with a company whose corporate values mirror our own.

” "With most of L'VOYAGE's clients being existing aircraft owners, they personally care about the intimate details of each flight because they know firsthand what counts," said Diana Chou, Managing Director of L'VOYAGE. "L'VOYAGE takes great pride in investing and developing measures that enhance safety, as well as procedures that yield nothing less than long term quality service. We stand by our mission in providing solutions that we have the highest confidence in and that we trust. Wyvern's second layer of screening and safety render our clients' even higher confidence, and in that regard, drives L'VOYAGE's into its next evolution," Ms. Chou added.

L'VOYAGE is Asia's fastest growing private jet charter consultancy in the region, handling an average of over 100 live hours of charters per month in 2014. As Asia's first independent and exclusive Wyvern pledged broker, L'VOYAGE is poised to cruise even higher.