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Diana CHOU

Dragon General Aviation Group Limited* Founder and Chairman

Aerochine Aviation Limited* Founder and Chairman

L'VOYAGE Limited* Founder and Chairman

Aero Infinity Pte Limited* Senior Partner

Sino Private Aviation Limited Founder and Executive Director

Asian Business Aviation Association Board of Governor

The Pacific Basin Economic Council Director

China Airport General Aviation Council Director

The Better HK Foundation Council Member

The General Association of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Board Member

HK & Mainland International Investment Society Vice Chairman

The Ningbo Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference CPPCC Member

Diana Chou is the first woman to sell private jets in Asia. She founded private jet sales business Sino Private Aviation (SPAL) in 1999, and has helped to shape the development of the general aviation industry in Greater China for over 18 years. SPAL was Bombardier’s official representative for Greater China for 15 years. During this time, Ms. Chou contributed to and witnessed substantial expansion of Bombardier’s private jet sales business in the region. She also invested in Jetcraft, the largest private jet sales company worldwide, and was its chairman in Asia.

Ms. Chou’s guiding ethos is to provide clients with a perfect and customized private jet experience. Apart from founding private jet sales business SPAL in 1999, she pioneered the sales of helicopters in China through her company Aerochine Aviation (Aerochine), Bell Helicopter’s official representative in Greater China. In 2014, Aerochine established an aviation service centre in Ningbo. In August 2015, the company established the region’s first world-class rotary wing MRO facility at Zhenjiang Aviation & Aerospace Industrial Park, Jiangsu, expanding the company’s operations from helicopter sales to maintenance and service. This facility acquired CCAR-145 certification in September 2016, and was authorized as Bell Helicopter’s Customer Service Facility (CSF) in November. In 2014 and 2015, SPAL and Aerochine were awarded the “Best Agent of the Year” and “Best Dealer of the Year”, respectively, by U-Jet Magazine.

In 2013 Ms. Chou founded bespoke business aircraft charter service L’VOYAGE to provide services using existing clients’ underutilised inventory and to introduce future clients to unprecedented private travel experiences. L’VOYAGE acts as its clients’ private journey concierge and provides clients with a fully customized private jet experience. It has now become the fastest growing private jet charter company in Asia. L’VOYAGE’s standard operating procedures ensure that safety standards are of primary concern and the company is the first WYVERN accredited chartering firm in Asia.
In 2016, Ms. Chou invested in Aero Infinity, an aircraft sales and leasing company based in Singapore covering the Asia Pacific region. Aero Infinity provides clients with a one-stop solution for aircraft acquisition. Ranging from technical selection of type to suit the desired mission, to addressing the financial requirements, it has expertise to address both fixed wing and rotary requirements.
Ms Chou’s three operating companies are formed under Dragon General Aviation Group* (DGA), which enables each business to leverage it’s the growth of these companies that have been built on a foundation of astute entrepreneurship, sound business values and enduring business networks.
Since 1999, Ms. Chou has become a leading voice in the general aviation industry in Greater China. She advocates for better aviation standards and development of talent in the fast-developing general aviation industry in China and Hong Kong. Her company Aerochine has undertaken a scholarship program for pilots and an internship program with Hong Kong’s Vocational Training Council (VTC) for mechanics. Social responsibility and a deep sense of the communities in which she operates are of great importance to Ms. Chou. Her companies supported UNICEF’s "28 days to save a child's life" fundraising campaign.
Diana Chou is a founding member and has been honoured as an Executive Committee Member of Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA). She was awarded “Women Leader of the Year” by AsBAA in 2015. She is a Member of several organisations that allow the company to be at the cutting edge of legislation developments and industry changes – all listed above. In 2013, The Canadian Chartered Institute of Business Administration recognized Ms. Chou by awarding her a Fellowship and designated her as Charter Manager.  In 2010 and 2012, she was awarded “Women Entrepreneur of the Year” by the All China Women’s Federation. She is also the board member of Kuo Hsueh-Hu Foundation.